Oscar Baitin'!
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It must be fake movie week here in alt-weekly comic land, because Ruben Bolling did one called Peek-A-Boo.

I remember going to the Blockbuster (née Endless Video) in the late eighties and being fascinated by the covers for what seemed like an entire aisle of screwball sex comedies. I used elements from a lot of them, but Meatballs was my main inspiration:


As for this year’s Oscar season, I’m only interested in The Road and A Serious Man by the Coen brothers, which I still need to see.

It’s not even Thanksgiving, but the Big Fat Whale Holiday Bargain is already going on. I’ll post more about it next week. Right now I’m scrambling to get ready for a month-long sojourn to the Mid Atlantic.

Next Week: Stimulus II

7 thoughts on “Oscar-Baitin’!”

  1. Out of curiosity, seeing as this is a movie cartoon, has anyone seen “Zombieland” and NOT pissed themselves laffin’?

  2. Kevin – Sadly, that image is pretty much based on myself with buck teeth. Maybe I should run for president.

    Chris – I enjoyed the movie wholeheartedly, but didn’t piss myself. Perhaps I have bladder issues?

  3. I dunno, but being a movie fan, I get so disheartened with every schlocky, schmulchy “rom-com” that comes out (usually a combination of the words: “my”, “girl/boyfriend”, “gay”, “wacky”) that when a truly hilarious film is released, so are my not-so-precious bodily fluids

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