25 Cent Book Bin

25 Cent Book Bin
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Another extended road trip means another Book Bin pulled out of the recurring bits file. I repeated a joke from the 24 Cent Book Bin because I lacked internet access to double check myself. As long as publishers continue to throw book deals at yesterday’s internet news, I will keep getting mad about it. However, I promise to refrain from making the same point (and drawing the same goddamned picture) in the 26 Cent Book Bin, scheduled for sometime in mid 2010.

Speaking of books, the Big Fat Whale Holiday Bargain is still going on. Order now to guarantee delivery by the holidays!

Next Week: Atheist Holiday Traditions

6 thoughts on “25 Cent Book Bin”

  1. As a resident of Milwaukee, the “Beach Diet” is actually plump, glistening tubular meat with a shatty beer chaser.

  2. The “plump, glistening tubular meat” is often preceded by low-grade beer in certain bars in and around Milwaukee — as well as many other large, hedonistic cities.

    Except, possibly, in Utah, where both are probably illegal.

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