8 thoughts on “The Power of Ignorant Thinking”

  1. Good stuff. Although from your land of non-healthcare and the Christian Coalition we seem like sophisticated, progressive, knowledgeable types, I have to deal with morons such as those in the above cartoon on a near daily basis.

    Oh, and is this done on a computer-tablet thing now?

  2. Chris – I think the existence of Nick Griffin spoils that illusion.

    It has been for a couple of months. But since there wasn’t much in the way of backgrounds for this ‘toon, I added a bit of shading and highlights.

  3. Sir, great cartoon as always. It disturbingly reminds me of everything I’ve ever seen on Fox News. Ah hell, you know that already.

  4. All the same Brian, Nick believes in free healthcare at least! He’s pro-gun, pro-God, anti-Muslim, pro-health… he’s like a centrist in the States! (am I being an apologist for the one eyed, creepy guy?)

  5. Thanks, Shane! I doubt the word ergo pops up on Fox, but it was my mistake to use it.

    Damn, Chris, you’re right. I didn’t know about his eyeball. Did he yank it out because it was brown?

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