New Fads for the New Year

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Flagpole sitting was a real thing, and every time I read about it, that dumb song from the Peep Show intro pops into my head.

Sadly, the last panel reflects my own philosophy towards covering politics in the comic strip. Even though I’m primarily a dick & fart jokesmith, I am deeply shamed to have something in common with the mainstream media.

If you already think I’m a dick, you should see how I interact with chuggers. Man, I hate those fucks. I’m a cartoonist covered in hair. Do I look like I have money?

Now I’ll be a bit of a hypocrite and do some chugging of my own. “Hello stranger! Let me be inappropriately friendly with you for a minute. Do you have a second to check out the BFW store? Or what about signing up for my VERY IMPORTANT UPDATES through Twitter and Facebook?”

“You, don’t?” Turn on passive-aggressive stink-eyes of hate. “That’s cool. Have a great day!”

Next Week: Crappy Electronics Show

3 thoughts on “New Fads for the New Year”

  1. God, I remember an encounter with a “Christian Aid” chugger/information person. I was late meeting a pal at the station, and she steps out in front of me:

    “Care to talk about Christian Aid?” “No thank you” *blocks my path again* “It’ll only take a minute” “I’m sorry, I’m in a hurry right now” “SURE YOU ARE!” *smarmy, self-righteous grin,then accosts some other poor sucker*.

    I left thinking “You BITCH!” and have vowed never to give christian aid cash, ever again

  2. Chris – The worst is when they try to make some abusrd leap, like “Hey, you’re wearing a blue shirt. You must have a minute for the ocean!”

    Blake – Surprisingly, a google search for sexting brings up more sensationalized infographics from news sites than titillating pictures. “phone boobies” would probably be the more fruitful search.

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