10 thoughts on “Jay Leno’s Doctor”

  1. Oh yes, young Bors. I have very vague memories of Leno being funny in the eighties, and several comedy archaeologists have even unearthed footage of him being funny on Letterman’s Late Night.

    The fact that he was funny (not great, but not a hack), and willfully became mediocre in a grab for the lowest common denominator is why most older comedy nerds loathe him.

  2. Good for Conan,
    If Ahe picks him up he could become another Dick Cavett and reactivate our tv remote surfing.
    Personally I think his format for the tonight show was a huge improvement over Leno.

  3. Yippy! I knew Brian would be on TEAM CONAN or whatever the kids are calling it. Calling all members of TEAM CONAN: we are going on a stabbing spree at NBC headquarters.

  4. Jim – I’d be fine if he lands somewhere where he doesn’t have to interview boring, unfunny celebrities. His comedy bits and comedian interviews are the best.

    Matt – I thought they were willfully mediocre in exchange for killing their profession.

    Kat – Comparing Conan fandom with Twilight fans is a low blow.

  5. I feel Jay Leno should have stepped down when NBC asked him to take the Tonight show back.Just out of respect for Conan who did nothing wrong. Jay was a better guest host for Johnny Carson. Jay was alot funnier back then.I haven’t always found his version of the tonight show to be very entertaining.Gee I miss Johnny Carson.
    I hope Conan O’brien takes a job at Fox. It would really be great if Conan could get an 11:35 pm Late show. Good luck to Conan O’brien, I am sure his future will be bright. Tom

  6. Just on the subject of Conan O’Brien, his hair looks like a hologram projected onto a bald head. Look at the wikipedia picture, you’ll see what I mean

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