Truckosaurus 2012

First, for you monster truck pedants, I know Truckosaurus’s given name is Robosaurus, but that is only acceptable if it ate robots instead of shitty cars.

Scott Brown had this dumb-ass commercial where he introduced Massachusetts to his truck. I laughed and laughed, which inspired panel six of last week’s cartoon. While I was laughing, Truck Nutz throughout my state related to the important issue of having a truck and elected a tea-bagger. Naturally, the only person who can defeat Brown in 2012 is someone who has a bigger truck, a machine that eats trucks, or possibly someone who has fucked a truck.

Jen Sorensen has a more serious analysis of what happened.

For a state that’s supposedly ultra-liberal, we sure pick some real weak-ass centrist clunkers to be our Democratic standard-bearers. I’m not talking Kucinich-level cuckoo, but we could certainly use someone like Bernie Sanders.

Don’t get excited, guy in Cambridge with a recumbent bike. I’m not talking about you. You are insufferable.

6 thoughts on “Truckosaurus 2012”

  1. No way. First of all, he’s ridiculous. Second, he is a rambling mess of a speaker. He’s not bad, but could never be a leader. He is the Snarf of the progressive caucus.

  2. Why, oh why didn’t every Masshole vote for Dicky Barrett from the Bosstones as a write-in? He’d be the coolest-sounding senator ever

  3. I haven’t lived in Massachusetts since 1987, but I know that back then, it was considered very liberal even though it never was. Sure, on Cape Cod where I lived we had the LGBT hot-spot Provincetown, the hippie-drughead-actual musician hot-spot Hyannis, and the LGBT-hippie-drughead-musician-bicycle fetishist-WHOI-squid fondler hot-spot Woods Hole. And yet “Doonesbury” was always getting censored by the Cape Cod Times, and I never saw a Democratic Party member in office in my town. The place, in reality, was overly religious, politically driven toward the right, and sometimes just plain oppressive.

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