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While researching this cartoon, I learned that the clurichaun is a much cooler version of the leprechaun. I also spent too much time reading the insanity of Twilight nerds and fairy dorks who insist on spelling it faerie.

Don’t drink green beer this St. Patrick’s Day. That’s only acceptable if you have a clover tramp stamp or are a date-rapist.

Next Week: Political Blind Items

5 thoughts on “Weelight”

  1. You know where I learned that those tattoos were called “tramp stamps”? Reading “One Big Happy.”

    That’s right, Ruthie’s fictional grandmother knows more about youth culture than I.

  2. Ruthie – I didn’t learn that phrase until 2007. Phill Jupitus mentioned a variant called “ass antlers.” A whole language can be developed around bad ink decisions.

    Blake – I’m afraid to look for any others. So much awful, awful, slashfic.

  3. Okay, I’ll rephrase, this is the best Twilight parody I’ve seen. I’m not too keen on stumbling into the world of fan fiction, either.

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