Mike in the UK sent in this funny correction to panel three from last Friday’s The Metric Resistance cartoon:

I generally don’t believe in English authority over our shared language, but I’m conceding this point to him. Why? Every goddamn theater in Boston spells it theatre. And it’s not like the American spelling of liter was getting much use anyway.

But this isn’t over. I’ll be visiting London in May, and I’m going to hunt and gut all of their colours and humours until the Thames is choked with the carcasses of superfluous Us.

14 thoughts on “Correction”

  1. It’s definitely a bit strange which words remain with some indication of their past adoption from other languages (litron and theatre being from the french). But what is it exactly about the pattern of behaviour that bugs you so much with the extra “u” insertions?

  2. Melissa – The BFW Stylebook has already been amended thusly.

    Philip – I don’t like it ’cause it’s weird and foreign-lookin’. As for a real, non-humorous reason, I don’t have one. Any country with single-payer health care can use however many useless U‘s as they please.

    Roy – I’ll have to remember that the next time I go on a poutine run. (Not a jab at Canada! I actually love the stuff and have 1/4 beaver blood.)

  3. Visiting London in May? KickaRSE! Be warned; it’s incredibly overpriced and our mayor is a complete aRSEhole.

  4. Yeah, I remember it making New York City look like a bargain. I’ll be posting later asking folks to recommend places to eat and drink on the cheap.

    Is Boris worse than Rudy? That’s a hard douche to top.

  5. Did you say “humorous” up there? yeah.. how’s that spelt again ? (hah ha)
    OK. SO London. Is there a convention on? I think you just missed the web COmics Thing. If you find an O’niels pub, they have an excellent steak and ale pie. don’t forget the mushy peas.

  6. Brian – I’ll make sure I order in extra U’s for you. we’re as proud of our U’s are we are our castles and penchant for binge drinking.

  7. Mike – No convention for me. I’d like to do the UK Webcomics thing sometime in the future though. I love me some mushy peas. And bangers. And meat pies. Damn. This PB&J sandwich dinner is looking mighty sad right about now.

    Robin – The UK should lobby to get binge drinking on the Olympics roster for 2012. You guys are the champs.

  8. Word of warning; almost NO “young people” (I.e. under 40 these days)drink beer any more, for some bizarre reason. People only drink pussy drinks like Apple cider and alcopops.

    And Boris a) keeps raising transport prices b) firing transport workers and c)doesn’t do anything productive with the money saved by firing workers/raising ticket prices.

    We’re throwing billions into an Olympic black hole, and all the extra cash generated is lining pockets of project managers and other idiots paid way too much to sit in a big office all day. Instead of going to ordinary people who supported the olympic bid and voted Boris into office.

    Say what you want about Rudy though; he DID help reduce crime in NYC and (eventually) lent support to mild healthcare reform. Although, to be fair, you probably know way more about this than I do

  9. I’m moving to Montreal for school in the fall, and I’ve already begun throwing extra Us into words and reversing my “-er”s in preparation. But no douchiness can top that of a guy I know who is 100% American and spells those words with Us just for the hell of it.

  10. Chris – Under 40? Wow. I’d kinda understand kids in their early twenties preferring garbage drinks that get them fucked-up the quickest, but that is a frightening trend. But I am a grumpy, wizened 30, so I will enjoy drinking nice cask conditioned ales far away from meatheads drunk on Red Bull and Vodka, or whatever its equivalents are.

    Rudy is a terrible human being. He lowered crime with a fascist boot. Not to mention his later wrapping himself in 9-11 for the last decade.

    Alex – A few mixed up Us and REs probably won’t satisfy the Quebecois. “Parlez vous Anglais, S.v.p.?” will become your favorite phrase.

    There was a guy like that in my college dorm who adopted the affectations of a Victorian dandy. We called him 1800s.

  11. If we’re going to go authentic, shouldn’t you change “Gas Guzzler” to “Petrol Partaker”? Those wacky Brits with their language!

  12. Interesting, thank you so much! I spent my childhood in Yorkshire in the UK, and I’ve been trying to find a recipe for this tasyy pie I remember eating all the time, but can’t remember what we called it!!! Do you know any famous pie recipes from Yorkshire?

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