My Day at the Tea Party

Boston’s socialist Common was occupied by the Tea Party today to protest socialism and melanin. I stopped by for a couple hours and soaked up the stupid.

There were a decent amount of people there, probably a couple thousand, but I’d guess half were rubberneckers like myself or counter-protesters. Even if you lump us all in the same count, it was nowhere near the size of the Iraq War protest seven (!) years ago.

More pictures after the jump!

There was a little row of booths selling dumb t-shirts and even dumber ideas. The “Don’t Tread On Me” flags seemed to be the biggest sellers.

I have no objection to the sausage stand. Those things are good.

Well dummy, I’d stop calling you that if you wrote down some informed, intelligent shit.

The “Y” is stuck in his (her?) armpit, but I think “I AM ANGR” is a much better slogan for the Tea Party movement.

You can hang a rape whistle on your wallet chain to stop that from happening.

Yeah, media! WHERE ARE YOU? Too afraid to cover their TRUTH?

Oh, there you are, pointing your cameras at their dumb faces instead of fact-checking any of the stupid shit they say.

And that reason was protesting the extra tines Britain added to our forks.

Going Galt is the new slang for getting some fried dough.

This is the best photo of Palin I could get. Minutes after getting driven right up to the stage, she gave her usual rambling, incoherent version of a speech. When she was done, she hopped right off the stage and her motorcade was out of there.

The other speakers were just as bad. Some local talk-radio nobodies bitching about Barney Frank, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and some guy named Barack Hussein.

There were many flavors of counter-protesters too.

Some had obviously fake signs like this guy. But check out the sign in the background to the left. He must mean there is not enough time to give all the liberals hugs. He couldn’t mean anything violent, right?

These folks marched and shouted among the tight Tea Party crowd while Palin was jabbering about freedom and big, bad gubbamint.

And these folks politely stood off towards the back.

There was only one instance were things seemed to get a little tense. These guys were standing in front of this trailer teabaggers could sign. It was like the Declaration of Dumdependence…ON WHEELS!

And one of the Tea Party organizers took offense, initiating the lamest and least threatening stare-down I’ve ever seen:

Overall, it was a peaceful event. A peaceful mouth-breathing, selfish, xenophobic, war-mongering event.

I posted a few more photos on Flickr, if you’d like to see some more dumb stuff.

17 thoughts on “My Day at the Tea Party”

  1. I attended a pro-single-payer rally on the common a few months back that was easily three times the size of this, and I did not see ONE news crew.

  2. it made me sad when you brought up the anti-war protests. some of the largest, most well informed protests in history, worldwide, and nary a peep, nary a mention in the history books or in the discussion of that idiotic venture. you made me sad. i demand fried dough.

  3. Ah yes, THERE’S the 8000 media vans out to give free air time to a bunch of contemptible circus-freaks…

    You were probably the most respectable reporter out there today!

  4. It’s remarkable how much this looked like the Palin rally I attended in Virginia, right down to the “Media Tell The Truth!” signs and the snack kiosks (we had tasty BBQ).

  5. Blake – The weather was also super-shitty three months ago. The news has been awful at covering the health care debate. And Iraq. And Afghanistan. Fuck it. Now I wanna make my own “News Media Do Your Job Sign.”

    Melissa – “I am ANGR” could be Glenn Beck’s next poli-scifi novel!

    Garth – The lack of coverage those protests and the 2004 NYC RNC protests got are what caused my latent cynicism to metastasize into full-blown cynical cancer.

    Abell – I saw NPR walking around, and their segment gave a decent amount of coverage to attendees like me who were only there to point and laugh. And David Bernstein at the Phoenix has a pretty good recap.

    Jen – I was thinking of your Palin rally coverage while I was trying to catch a glimpse of the bunned-one. BBQ is way better than fried dough. I should’ve picketed that stand demanding pulled pork and funnel cake.

  6. It was actually in August, and the weather was gorgeous. Media loves giving these morons a platform but doesn’t give two shits about the majority in favor of real reform. Yeah, I know, just like the Iraq protests… bleh.

  7. You said there would be no words!!!

    Great stuff. I like the stare down between the young hipster and the old teabagger. All they lacked was a flower and a hard hat.

  8. Does any one of the people at this “rally” remember that the Boston Tea Party was demonstrating against taxation without representation? As I recall, Obama was elected…democratically…by the people… probably by a number of the people who are members of the so-called Tea Party. I don’t see any of those people having the cajones to dress up as Native Americans and dump shit tons of tea into the river…that would be against big business!

  9. Someone needs to dress up like the “Get a Brain Morans” guy and follow these tea parties around.

  10. Blake – The majority is too smart for the majority of TV news consumers, apparently.

    Kevin – Thanks! I actually saw a guy in a construction worker get up with “Liberals Suck” written on his hard hat, but he wouldn’t stand still long enough for me to take a picture.

    Nate – Exactly. Taxation with representation by a black guy is worse for these turds. And all those “Don’t tread on me” flags you see? Made in China.

    Der Schatten – Slow fucking thank you!

    Joe Moran – Does that guy even know he became an internet phenomenon?

  11. I’m surprised that a tea partyist would be able to sit through a book like Atlas Shrugged. That’s impressive. That one must have gone all the way through high school.

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