Insane Physicist Posse

Color pixels arranged on your screen in a comical fashion? It’s a fuckin’ magical miracle you neden heads!

If you missed the ICP un-science anthem that swept the web last week, here it is:

The CDC should force Faygo to print basic, grade-school level science facts on their labels.

I’ve covered the Large Hadron Collider before. It’s still a few years from operating at full “fuck particles way the fuck up” power, but it looks like it’s now safe from time-traveling, probability-bending ripples.

17 thoughts on “Insane Physicist Posse”

  1. i cannot in good conscience click on “play”. insane clown posse is easily one of the stupidest things to be inflicted on this poor mudball we live on, and really, my brain can’t take another blast of idiot. i will take your word for it.

  2. Wow, I had no idea about this. Looks like they’ve certainly changed their outlook on life since I first heard them in the early 90s.

    Of the many things to make fun of in this video, I find his claim that “crows” constitute a miracle to be pretty confusing. I’ve seen crows before and they really don’t strike me as something science hasn’t figured out.

    Fucking rainbows though. Explain those!

  3. Matt – I especially like that crows and ghosts are coupled together. Maybe someone read “The Raven” to them and they now think both are magically scary.

    I gotta admit that I want to hear more about the encounter with the pelican, especially if it’s told in pantomime.

    Gus – Yesterday’s Tea Party desensitized my brain to stupidity. I think they’re pseudo-religious, in the way the ancients invented religion to bring meaning to things they didn’t understand.

  4. “And I don’t want to talk to a scientist. Ya’ll motherfucka’s lyin, and gettin me pissed”
    Uhh.. yeah… erm…ok, sure… whatever you say…?

    Also. I really love his way with words. “Magic everywhere in this bitch!” They sure know how to make the people understand.

    And Rich: lmao.

    I think I just lost a months worth of brain cells. I think I lost more than they did with the amount of weed they smoked before they shot this video.

  5. Rich and Sam – Have you heard about the Gathering of the Juggalos? There’s a community of morons dedicated to this shit.


  6. I find these retards fascinating. They make Vanilla Ice seem like Huey Newton. It cant possibly get any more white trash trailer park shitbag than that. I hope there’s plenty of fucking at this year’s event. That way we can have a whole new generation of teapartyers, birthers, and militiamen. Meanwhile, ICP is spraying Faygo all the way to the bank. Motherfucking dopalicious, yo!

  7. I don’t understand this? What is this? I like how he talks about “music” but what they play(?) isn’t music… its trash. As for that gathering thing… seems like a good thing to bomb eh?

  8. Why is this really concidered to be “anti science”?
    Because it uses the word “miracle”?
    Is “miracle” really unscientific besides often being used by religion?

    To me personly a miracle is something complex i can’t fully grasp, and in that sense percieved miracles are what DRIVE science to begin with.

    If at all it attacks the WAY science often works, stripping down something beautiful into something marked, and ignoring the beauty of it.
    Being scientific and finding answers doesn’t nescesairily dictate an attitude that denounces “wonder”. It just means there is something to know there. And afterwards the whole COMPLEX system can still be wonderfull.

    For me that “song” just attacks the attitude that “once we find something out about something it gets mundane” and i agree, it doesn’t.
    The minimal microscopic fact or correlation isn’t “wonderfull” anymore, but the complex interaction still is.

    The video and lyrics involve much to many images and ideas that wouldn’t even BE here without science.

    Earth would be still the center of the universe, and the stars just painted on the skybox.

  9. I think it’s considered anti-science because they say that scientists are liars and are making them pissed.

    And also because they are fucking retards in blackface talk-rapping about how the world is mysterious because pelicans eat their cell phones.

  10. Um, sorry for the double-post, but just to finish my thought, some things are so stupid that they are inherently anti-rational and thus anti-science. In this way the video is not only anti-science, but so stupid as to be anti-art, anti-music, anti-human.

  11. Pansa- the miracle thing didn’t bother me as much as the line “Fucking madness, how do they work?
    And I don’t wanna talk to a scientist
    Y’all motherfuckers lying, and getting me pissed” which seems to just be pretty direct anti-intellectualism. In my opinion, having a scientist provide an answer based on the most correct facts available at the time seems better than just saying everything is because of miracles.

  12. These clowns are completely irrational. They’re like terrorists, really. The only thing you can do is lock them up or kill them.

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