Going Green Guide

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Earth Day is coming up, so here are some helpful tips.

I’m late posting this, so I won’t type much. Do you know how hard it is to fart into your elbow? Only Cirque du Soleil members should attempt it.

Check out the Guardian’s Greenwash blog for real-life instances of people painting some leaves on some shit.

Next Week: Financial Reform Proposals

6 thoughts on “Going Green Guide”

  1. haha Jen, I actually got EXCITED about seeing the Phillie Phanatic! I think it’s cuz I loved him growin up, so now, no matter what situation I see him in, I kinda get excited (uh that sounded kinda weird but of course I didn’t mean it that way…)

  2. Blake – Thanks. If I could think of a reason, I’d draw eight panels of people eating baby animals.

    Jen and Melissa – He’s an innocent victim in this cartoon! (Except for his “ph” speech impediment.) Phillies fans however, threw batteries at JD Drew AND vomited on a little girl.

  3. Melissa: No, I know exactly what you mean about getting excited about the Phanatic! I also loved him growing up.

    Brian: I will grant you, that is detestable behavior that makes me embarrassed to be a phan.

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