6 thoughts on “Abort That Biker Baby”

  1. Blake – Personally, I’d love to see a 1,000x magnification of an embryo riding a nano-bike with its freak nubbins.

    Jen – Of course! Can’t believe I forgot. And there are also the ones that are apparently from god himself.

  2. Anti-abortion billboards are everywhere you look here in Minnesota, and not a single one has a picture of an embryo or a fetus. Apparently the models are the offspring of the anti-abortion people themselves, because the infants portayed are invariably grotesque and mildly deformed. If you think it’s mean to call a baby ugly, just try to look at a 20-foot-tall Walmart drooler with different-sized eyes shouting at you, “I’m so thankful my mommy CHOSE to have me!!!!” You are the only one, kid.

  3. Yeah, the whole anti-choice argument seems to be that every baby is precious, which ignores the fact that many babies are the product of horrible, awful people.

    Someone should organize a Tea Party Tube-Tying Party.

  4. I was driving around Saint Paul, MN yesterday and saw this exact same billboard. Its sponsor, “Prolife Across America,” apparently is the national wing(nut) of Prolife Minnesota, which has been polluting the scenery with its fetus-worshipping signs for many years.

    So in fairness to our friends in the southern part of these here United States, Minnesota, not Alabama, is to blame for this thing’s existence in Massachusetts.

    Sorry about that.

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