Public Disservice Announcements

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I did something similar two years ago. If you’re curious, I usually go to the recurring bit well to get a couple weeks ahead in my cartooning schedule so I can go on vacation.

Unless that Icelandic volcano stops me, I’ll be in London in a week. I’ve already received lots of excellent recommendations for things I should do and see and drink. But I have one more request: What record shops/thrift stores should I hit up to snag some vintage limey vinyl?

To unify that request with this week’s cartoon, here’s a funny old British PSA I found while researching the comic:

Don’t let strangers in your house unless you want your candlesticks to go up their butts!

And yeah, my Orson came out looking a lot like a drunk Mel Gibson. Sorry, sugartits!

Next Week: Great Moments in Commencement Speeches

14 thoughts on “Public Disservice Announcements”

  1. 1) The Orson is pretty good actually
    2) That’s us brits. Sodomy with a strangers flaming wax is how we get our jollies.

  2. the egg! hahahahahahahaah

    I love that Orson showed up as well. I am curious, is this the first time Orson has showed up in one of your cartoons?

  3. There are a bunch of record shops on Berwick Street in Soho, a few blocks south of Oxford St. I also recall eating at a great health food deli on the west side of Berwick. Have I mentioned that I’m jealous?

  4. Oh, and as for record shops… All Ages records is in Camden, has a lot of punk vinyl/CDs

  5. Thanks, Jen and Chris!

    Jen, I hope that unspellable volcano isn’t being fueled by your jealousy. And a health food deli? You must have confused me with someone who doesn’t use his stomach as a garbage disposal.

  6. “health food” is a contradiction in terms. Man (and woman)was placed on this world to eat cows and drink beer. Otherwise, why did evolution make them so tasty? Dawkins would agree, dammit!

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