KFC’s UK Crimes

They don’t have the Double Down here, but I’ve seen countless ads for this monstrosity:

So many shapes and colors (and tastes, presumably) that don’t appear in nature. But the real crime here is the terrible copy. Why the pun? Are fajitas associated with hip hop culture over here, or with go-go girls? I’m so confused.

There are also lots of Pizza Huts and McDonalds in central London, which we probably sent over in retaliation for their burning of the White House in the War of 1812.

13 thoughts on “KFC’s UK Crimes”

  1. Fajitas are really not associated with anything here. (Actualy, for some reason, it’s bloody hard to get good Tex-Mex food here. I wouldn’t be surprised if many Brits had never heard of a fajita.) That’s just criminally shit copywriting.

    Even with our descent into an American-inspired fast food hell, though, I think we would draw the line at the Double Down, and KFC management knows that.

  2. ^This. If the Double-Down did get introduced over here, then I imagine that we would consider it ample grounds to rescind your nation’s independence.

    …However, we do have Greggs. So I guess we’re not really in a position to criticise.

  3. Greggs is amazing! How dare you sir! Well, it’s okay anyway….

    And as for KFC; growing up in the inner burbs, which are full of chavs, rude boys and other semi-nuisances to society, they all eat KFC and drop the boxes full of bones on the floor. And I am sick and tired of stopping my dog choking to death on discarded chicken bones by pulling them out of halfway down his throat.

    That said, popcorn chicken isnt bad

  4. Hex:

    Not sure where abouts in the UK you are, but keep an eye on a chain called “Chilango” – they’ve got places in London, Sheffield and Bluewater – but are expanding.

  5. I fancied myself quite immune to the various shock images and videos that pop up on the internet from time to time, so as you can imagine I was very surprised to actually feel the bile rise in my throat when I saw this affront to gastronomic decency. It is almost as if that acrid red sauce is burning its way down my esophagus. This very well may have ruined my entire day.

    So how does it taste?

  6. Watch what you say about fucking chavs! Sure, maybe they occupy inner burbs and throw chicken boines all over the place, but they are people too! I assume!

  7. Even if the chavs do throw their chicken bones on the floor of the inner burbs, that doesn’t mean that they should all be condemned as semi-nuisances to society! They have some kind of, um, subculture! I assume! Kind of like rude boys!

  8. I’ll have to check out this “Greggs” place for more of my hard-hitting series on British garbage food.

    Then I’ll start a Kickstarter campaign to fund an excursion to Scotland, where I hear the deep-fried awfulness rivals America’s worst offenders.

  9. See, in Ireland we had Supermac’s, which was open all night and had muffins filled with ice cream, pizza, Mexican-like food, burgers, kebabs, at one point falafel, and a coffee bar. Come on, make up your mind on what kind of restaurant you are. And, thank you for the delicious muffins.

    I will say, the one Pizza Hut did have a salad bar with more than iceberg lettuce and a vat of ranch dressing like you find in the States.

  10. Or a weak-ass portion of ice cream (which it was, it was like the gas station cream-filled donut of ice cream filled items).

  11. It would have to be a somewhat weak portion of ice cream, to make room for the pizza, Mexican-like food, burgers, kebabs, falafel, and coffee bar.

    Sorry. Just compulsive smartassery. Or dumbassery.

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