The Tramp Begins 3D

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Sorry for the late update. A missed flight and Chinatown bus to Boston from JFK on Friday wiped me out for the weekend. I’m pretty much back on East Coast time, except I can’t seem to make it past 10pm. I’m sure I’ll be back on track after tonight’s deadline-induced all-nighter.

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2 thoughts on “The Tramp Begins 3D”

  1. Thanks. I’ve been trying to forget about the Human Centipede. Really, just reading the (watered down) plot synopsis made me feel dirty inside.

    Useless trivia: that kid who appeared with Charlie Chaplin in that movie grew up to play Uncle Fester in the “Addams Family”.

  2. Sorry, Charles. I drew this a few weeks ago when Human Centipede was still grossing out the globe.

    I’m ashamed that that little trivia nugget wasn’t already occupying a spot in my brain.

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