The Midnight Ride of Conan O’Brien

Coco’s coming to the Wang Theatre in Boston this weekend, and what better way to celebrate than with a dick joke?

I’ll be at Friday’s show, after lubricating my laugh-hole at The Tam.

And pedantic perverts needn’t bother correcting my spelling of “coming.” Even if I wasn’t going for the double entendre, spelling come with a u is a stylistic choice made by porno graphic designers who are trying to save valuable magazine and DVD cover real estate for close-ups of va-ding-dong-ginas.

9 thoughts on “The Midnight Ride of Conan O’Brien”

  1. How about some political cartoons? Stuff like Patchouli Plumbing was great. Enough with the dick jokes. Even Bill Hicks gave it rest now and then.

  2. Robin – It might not be technically true, but speculative etymology is a hobby of mine.

    Mr. Hicks – Soon, soon. I was on vacation, and it’ll take me a little while to find an angle on current events not covered by everyone else. Unless you want a comic about how I think the Queen’s opening of Parliament makes the electoral college look useful. I could probably bang that out over the weekend.

  3. Ok, I just donated $25 to the Big Fat Whale cause, so make with the politics!

    (Also, I’m not really Bill Hicks.)

  4. Not Bill Hicks – Thanks! I am a whore, so I rejiggered my production schedule to have a political cartoon be up next Friday. (I work a week ahead for the big comics, even longer if I’m going out of town like last month.) Also, the next BFW Quickie will be political.

    So for future reference: $25 will get me to do either politics or dick/fart jokes, whichever you prefer. I’d charge more to cover specific requested topics, but experience tells me what most people think is a funny subject isn’t.

  5. Awesome! I’m so happy I’ve left my real name this time.

    I feel so powerful now that I bribed you to do a political cartoon. It’s like that Calvin and Hobbes cartoon where the father gives Calivin his first allowance and Calvin says “Ahhh, money, power, influence!! I can buy people off!! Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!”

  6. Slut Lover – That might buy you one slutty panel in an eight panel strip.

    Tom – Don’t cheer yet. For all you know, I could get bumped in the head and use your money to churn out some Ayn Rand bullshit.

  7. No problem. The truth is I paid up because I read most of your archived material. One should pay for consuming another’s work.

    (Unless it’s utter shit, in which I case I don’t pay.)

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