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I whipped this up as soon as I got back from visiting family in Pennsylvania. There were so many billboards for Coors Light’s gimmicky cold indicating bullshit that I had to do a cartoon about it, even though David Cross covers the same territory on his latest album, Bigger and Blackerer.

Obviously with the fire stuff that happened since I drew this, I haven’t been able to think funny thoughts. Hopefully I can whip something up for next week, but don’t get mad if I end up running my first repeat in over two years.

5 thoughts on “Beervertisement”

  1. Cool! Do they make a Sam Jackson one? “Yo, muthafucka!!! You muthafuckin’ beer is muthafuckin’ COLD!”

  2. Silver Bulletshit – Only if it goes in far enough to make beer guts glow.

    Eric – I must have David Cross on the brain, ’cause your comment reminded me of this sketch:


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