Anti-Immigrant Stupor

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Even if there weren’t a ton of shitty, under-the-table jobs waiting for them when they get here, illegal immigrants could still find work as scapegoats for everything morons are mad about.

The dumb, angry mobs used to get pissed at the rich and unscrupulous corporations when things went to shit. Now they just get pissed at those who are even poorer and browner than themselves.

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4 thoughts on “Anti-Immigrant Stupor”

  1. Ahhhh-ahhh-ahhhhh! Dun dun dun d-duh-duh-duh dun. I come from a land of rice n’ beans.

    I’ll leave the actual song-smithing to someone without my tin ears.

  2. You know who is an asshole? Chuck Shepard. I don’t know if you read the “News of the Weird” column this guy has produced for 25 years or so. It’s a filler-type of syndicated column filled with one-sentence dumb-criminal stories and the like. But in the last couple of years a kind of editorial bias has been showing up. He has an increasing number of “entitled-prisoner” stories about all the perks and benefits to being locked up. For instance, Shepard apparently finds it “weird” that a person who was unjustifiably locked up on Riker’s Island for months sued the people repsonsible. How weeeeeird!

    But, and thus is why I’m posting this here, this week Chuck really tipped his right-wing and included in the column a story about a “luxury” clinic in NYC designed for foreigners who, actual quote, “are taking advantage of the 14th Amendment” by giving birth to children in the U.S., thereby giving the babes awesome status as American citizens! Wow! Luxury Clinics for immigrants! Just so they can overbreed and take all our roofing jobs!

    Fucking Weird.

  3. I think for authenticity’s sake the drunk driver should have had the collar on his pink polo popped. When was the last time you saw someone that douchy in a pink polo with the collar folded down? Probably never

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