6 thoughts on “Gay Marriage Ruins Everything”

  1. Hmm… Being immature, I can’t help laugh at you stating how un-gay you remained whilst being in the “darkest gayest alleyways”….

    That’s right, it’s a juvenile pun, so what?

  2. When is a big fat whale book in 3d coming out?!?!? I mean, just about every movie these days is selling itself SOLELY on being 3D compatible, so it’s about time books took the same path! Especially as the dum-dums on the cover of your LAST book (lovingly lost somewhere in my house) were wearing 3D glasses!

    Hey, mebbe there’s a cartoon in that…

  3. Jen – Some gay marriage advocates actually missed the satire on this one!

    Zack – The next time I make fun of TV, Tosh and his douchebaggery will be a prime target. (Joel McHale does it right.)

    Chris – I could do a half-assed 3D retrofit like most of the crap that came out this summer, but I’m currently leaning towards scratch n’ sniff.

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