6 thoughts on “Islamophobics Anonymous”

  1. I’ll be printing out your cartoon and bringing it with me to hand out in Gainesville next weekend when I’m there for a football game and literally tens of others are going to be there for a Koran Burning.

  2. I’m critical of the New York Times a lot, but this sentence is delicious:

    Mr. Jones who seems to spend much of his time inside a dank, dark office with a poster from the movie “Braveheart” and a picture of former President George W. Bush, appears to be largely oblivious to the potential consequences of his plans.

    Godspeed on your return to Florida’s Kentucky.

  3. Yeah that part is rich. Just pulled in to ganesville(we’re officially Gator season ticket holding wanks so we’ll be here often) I’ll be sure to take a picture of any flaming religious texts I see, even if they’re merely bedazzled Bibles and not full on conflagrations.

    Luckily the presence of a university whose population roughly equals that of the town slightly tempers the stupid. Or at least means stupid is resisted. Florida’s Kentucky” my hometown of Jacksonville look like Florida’s Alabama.

  4. For whatever reason, the funniest part of this cartoon for me is the guy in the first frame with his face buried in his smart-phone, while saying “Welcome Bill.” It’s exactly what reality is today, with people constantly looking at their damn phones. They walk around my office like that and it makes me fucking nauseous after a while. As if the average American’s life is so important they always need to be connected. Friggin’ self-absorbed idiots.

    Anyway – nice piece of social commentary within the social commentary. Well done.

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