Obscure World of Sports

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Since the 2010 baseball season officially ended for me this week, I thought I’d turn my attentions toward some lesser-known sports.

I had to make some last-minute changes to this cartoon after Googling the original final panel and discovering it was one of the least original ideas I’ve ever had. I usually do this before drawing, but I was lazy this week, both in joke-writing and joke-checking.

This idea was so unoriginal, it even appeared on an episode of Rock of Love. I’m blaming my lameness on the blinding rage I go into whenever a gigantic, sidewalk-hogging stroller obstructs my path. Those things are bigger than bikes, and as a result, parents and their SUV-sized strollers should be relegated to bike lanes whenever possible. (Parents who use baby bjorns and/or compact strollers, you’re cool.) I won’t even get started on how annoying these assholes are on public transit.

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9 thoughts on “Obscure World of Sports”

  1. Man, those stroller fucks used to make me mad! They would just barge through crowds, using their buggies as battering rams, take up all the room on the sidewalk or coffee shop or whatever. God damned selfish breeders!

    Then guess what happened. I won’t even say it. I bet it will happen to you too. If it does, good luck.

    I don’t post this out of “outrage” at how tough it is to be a parent and how non-parents don’t know how it is, and bla bla. Just a gentle reminder to you, young cartoonist. Sometimes things become different when… you know.

  2. Good point, Dave. Those monster-truck, oversized strollers could easily handle the load of a giant beer-gut and the drunk it’s attached to.

    For a baby and its accessories though, they’re overkill. (Unless the baby is homeless and needs to carry all of its belongings with it.)

  3. Well, that was kind of a bummer. At least you didn’t call me an idiot. I like your comic a lot. I was just trying to suggest that you might not know how it is, in a gentle manner. Like, maybe, you don’t know what you are talking about. You never know when you will regret something you said when you were young and thought you would never breed. Sometimes, in fact almost always, the most dedicated non-breeder eventually has kids and finds out what it was they were so flippantly criticizing. A person’s perpective can change in a big fucking hurry. But maybe you are idfferent. Maybe you will not breed. Maybe if you DO breed you won’t push around a stroller, or do all the other stupid shit you see all the other dumb parents doing. Maybe. There are statistical outliers. Oh well. Have fun while you can! Good luck!

  4. Kevin – Thanks, I’m sure I’d commit a few Yahtzees if I had a daily deadline too, but I’d feel REALLY bad about it.

    Strollerball – There must be some confusion. I don’t like oversized strollers. I like babies and children. Unless you gave birth to a stroller the size of a wheelchair, I think you’re taking my opinions way too personally.

    PS: If I ever self-identify as a “breeder” instead of just a parent, please shoot me in my self-righteous head.

  5. Oh snap! You apologized for one dig only to make another!

    (Fortunately, both digs made me laugh out loud).

    Excuse me now. Me and my girlfriend are going to discuss our future breeding plans. For now, as responsible breeders we practice safe breeding. No wheelchair-sized strollers in my immediate future.

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