Genetically Awesome-ified Foods and Organisms

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This cartoon ended up being way too scatological, especially following last week’s fart-centric opus. I pledge to keep things to a more high-brow standard around here, at least for a few weeks, and only in the comics. I reserve the right to blog and tweet about farts and butts as often as my juvenile mind pleases.

As for genetically modified foods, I’m okay with them in theory, provided there’s rigorous testing to ensure they’re not going to fuck up ecosystems. But agribusiness isn’t exactly one to care about anything but profits. And anything done to food crops that helps feed more starving people is fine by me. Even it kills some stupid endangered animals.

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13 thoughts on “Genetically Awesome-ified Foods and Organisms”

  1. “As for genetically modified foods, I’m okay with them in theory. And anything done to food crops that helps feed more starving people is fine by me. Even it kills some stupid endangered animals.”

    Ugghh. You just lost a viewer.

    Also, if you think genetically modified foods are created to help starving people, well … LOL. You don’t know a thing about agribusiness. Perhaps you should do some research. You’d find that even 20% of the grain used yearly to feed cattle (which should be grass-fed instead) in US factory farming would feed nearly a billion people.

    Over and out.

    (This comic is weak anyway, as have been most BFW this year. Nothin’ happening here.)

  2. Goodbye Tom! Of course most crops are for cattle, but there have been advances made for heartier human food crops that can grow in arid, impoverished countries.

    Thanks, Melissa!

  3. You said something I disagree with! I will no longer read your weekly 9-panel strip, lest it pollute my mind or make me uncomfortable!

    I agree with Matt and Zack – that extended dog colon will haunt me for the rest of the year.

  4. Did you end up editing/inserting/modifying that statement you made after Tom Schmidt’s comment? Because if it wasn’t changed after the fact that comment is so incredibly reasonable I can’t believe anyone but a an anti-science knee-jerk liberal (anti science people are all over the political spectrum, but they are clustered pretty heavily on the right) could be offended by it. Maybe I’m just biased because you basically summed up my opinion on the issue of GM crops. Even if people do disagree on that issue, I can’t see how that viewpoint could be inflammatory enough to completely shut down the lines of communication.

    Your psychotropic hops reminded me of that Marijuana Soda I read about the other day.

  5. Zack – Thanks. But that dog’s rectum is doing something other than spitting.

    Matt & Kevin – Using the Brady Bunch BFW Identification system, are you both talking about the Jan panel (dog butt) or was Matt referring to Alice (psychotropic hops)?

    Gabe – No changes. I am too lazy, and I would’ve added a clearly tacked-on UPDATED section at the top or bottom if I did get around to it. I knew it would get a similar reaction to what the anti-vaccine crowd puts out, just not that severe.

    And marijuana soda sounds very interesting. But from a purely hypothetical, and not at all based on my own experiments, marijuana foodstuffs are better on the savory side over sweet. They’re more complimentary rather than a masking, cough-syrup strong sweet flavor. In theory. I HAVE NO IDEA.

  6. Ass references in four of nine panels this week. Well played, sir.

    Though Tom does have a point; we should commit to eating only the pristine, pre-agricultural varietals of our fruits and vegetables to ensure genetic purity. Rock-hard, golf ball sized apple anyone?

  7. I bumped into an article just today that made a good argument for the anti-vaxx crowd being in league with big pharma. It’s a really interesting idea (which I don’t believe is true) but I wouldn’t mind seeing some income projection data before I file it away as a useful counter argument.

    In the two years that I worked in medium sized ER in California, I saw quite a few strange reactions to legal and illicit drugs. I never saw a single patient who’d just smoked marijuana (excluding one or two clearly ineffective overbearing mothers who demanded we drug test their teenage children at 2 am because they suspected they came home high) I did see more than a few people come in after intentionally or unintentionally eating baked goods that had been fortified with marijuana. Everyone was generally fine 8-12 hours later, but some of them had pretty unenjoyable experiences. We always chalked up this phenomenon to not being able to “titrate your dose” when eating vs. smoking.

    Not a fan of the stuff myself, it just makes me paranoid, horny and paradoxically impotent. I do hope prop. 19 passes back home in California though. It’s not particularly well thought out and I acknowledge it may create more problems than it fixes in the near term, but the “clinic” system is a poorly regulated joke, both its customers and legitimate patients would be better served by real legalization and regulation. I just hope that the inevitable state vs. federal enforcement turf war its passing would create results in a productive national discussion about drug policy reform. I for one would like to live in a world where I could go to Tijuana for a friend’s bachelor party to enjoy a classy display of interspecies erotica without the risk of getting caught up in drug cartel related violence. Those slimeball druglords are ruining Mexico for us decent hardworking American perverts.

  8. Honestly, I’am speechless. The Shawshank Redemption is great. I am a young movie fan, in point of fact, this film is realised the same yearI was very young, and so I am to a greater extent accustomed movies with astounding special effects, edge-of-your-seat action, et cetera. This film has none of that, and however, it appeals so closely . Way Frank Darabont applies the story of Red to drive on the story, the excellent the soundtrack used (note the mouth harp used just before Red finding the letter close to the end). The entire movie, from start to closing, from actions to music, is a lighthouse of hope, judgment, and repurchase. The cast is mastered, Morgan Freeman(Red) actually brings about a refreshing feel to the story, and that’s exactly what the movie is, what a movie should be. Really recommended for every viewer.

  9. Holy shitballs batman. Apparently Tanesha got her hands on some psychotropic hops…. That said, I’m not sure if you remember but back at E-Level we sold a hemp beer. It wasn’t very good and actually tasted buttery. It’d be damn near impossible for someone to force themselves to drink enough to become Woody Harrelson.

    As for the dog’s rectum, I think it’s brilliant. And frankly very handy. I’m going to try and teach my cat that trick, I’m sick of scooping litter.

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