Horror Movie Marathon

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I will gladly write full scripts for any of these if anyone wants to produce them. I’m talking to you, Troma.

The last panel goes out to Phil Plait, who recently outed himself as a reader of this comic strip. I don’t think he’s going to be at this show, but I urge all of you in the Boston area without Halloween plans to get your lazy asses to W00tstock.

Lastly, if you need a soundtrack to your spooky weekend shenanigans, I recommend playing Monster Fuck on a constant loop.

Next Week: Conducting Class Warfare

7 thoughts on “Horror Movie Marathon”

  1. OH m’Lordy, the Transiting Planet panel is HiLARious! I work for the Kepler Project and am going to have to order one of those for the office – Thanks for keeping science nerds laughing

  2. S – Thanks!

    GreyDuck – You’re too generous. I think it’s more like two thirds of the past decade’s horror movies.

    Phil – Thanks for reading! Even the non-space, fart-centric stuff.

    Matt – As a fellow beardy, I think we can agree that the prequel, “Beard Trimmings Everywhere: Bathroom Nightmare” relied too heavily on CGI instead of character development.

    eM – Wow, the Kepler Project office! That’s where I will set my Were-Nerd tween romance novel series.

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