Filthy Rich Facts

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The way I feel about rich people is very similar to how Arizonians feel about Mexicans. Except my loathing is justified. If the rich believed in sound economics, they’d be beatifying Eisenhower instead of Reagan. While no FDR, at least Ike knew progressive taxes were what kept the rabble spending and sustaining economic growth. Unfortunately, anyone proposing taxes like we had in the fifties is called a communist today, because people are fucking dumb and don’t remember yesterday, let alone stuff that happened sixty years ago.

This country’s fucked until poor people stop sniping at each other and start flinging shit at the rich. If you’re uncomfortable with that sort of action, at least crop-dust every fancy pants you pass on the street.

If you are rich, and one of the good ones, buy some of my stuff. I will personally inscribe whatever you buy with a “FUCK YOU, MONEYBAGS!” as a thank you.

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3 thoughts on “Filthy Rich Facts”

  1. I’m glad about how passionate you are about the idea that you cannot be rich AND good. If you have more wealth than others, you’re keeping yourself in a superior position to them. Those people need to be fucked with in a severe way. Keyword: transparency.

  2. Blake – And those goddamn jewelery ones.

    Gord – Obviously I’m exaggerating a bit for comedic effect, but any rich person who thinks they’re currently paying their fair share (or more) of taxes is a sociopath. Keyword: Wha?

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