2011 Headlines

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I’m driving out to Pennsylvania in a few minutes, and my internet situation could be spotty over the holidays, so I’m posting tomorrow’s cartoon today. It’s a Xmas miracle!

This cartoon has created a philosophical dilemma for me. I can’t decide if being molested by a monkey is worse or better than being groped by a human. The diaper seems to counteract the authority of the armband. This is what I’ll be thinking about as I slog westward on I-84 this afternoon.

Next Week: Obama’s Concession Stand

4 thoughts on “2011 Headlines”

  1. Kevin – I was going for diaper. I forgot to include the tell-tale safety pin. (or poo stain.)

    Blake – Thanks! Don’t be so hard on Gorrell. He is a giant pile of shit crammed into a human-shaped balloon, so he’s doing the best he can.

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