Boehner’s Agenda

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Boehner’s a tool. Matt Taibbi expands on that, and backs it up with facts in this article.

Unless someone is dead, dying, or making you watch something Seth MacFarlane created, crying in public is unacceptable, for both men and women. If you’re not comfortable farting in front of someone, you shouldn’t cry in front of them. Babies fart and shit all over the place, so naturally they’re allowed to cry whenever they want. In summation, tears are eye-farts; keep them to yourself and loved ones.

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4 thoughts on “Boehner’s Agenda”

  1. Boehner’s dictionary would have to be retitled, probably, to make it easier for his supporters to understand what it was. Something like “American Talking Word Book”, perhaps.

    I wonder where Boehner’s tears were after the Tucson shootings. Did he stick little corks in the ducts, or something?

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