New Careers for the New Economy

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I drew another cartoon about shitty jobs almost two years ago, and the job market is still in shambles. Obviously, cutting programs is the only solution. Returning tax levels to anything resembling sanity, and spending it on much-needed infrastructure, which also happens to create jobs, is impossible. Because the wealthy are cunts and the majority of voters naively think they’re gonna be rich one day too. Fat chance, dum-dums!

As for content farms, I’m not just talking about HuffPo, but what seems like every goddamn website that claims to be about news. I stopped reading TPM after they started pulling the lame pageview-grubbing slideshow bullshit, and may do the same for the Boston Globe’s website after this crap was hogging front page real estate for most of the week :

Quality journalism, you guys!

Next Week: Awful Ailments

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  1. Tantric consuming. That’s actually quite brilliant.

    To be fair, layaway is how I’m paying for my fiancée’s engagement stone. Perhaps I’ll bring up the Tantric part to her as well.

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