Free Speech Free-for-All

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I suspect if the Westboro publicity whores were advocating atheism in their signature abrasive style, instead of homophobic religious drivel, more of the Supremes would’ve joined Alito in the dissenting opinion.

It should go without saying that I believe anybody, even stupid shitheads, can say anything they want, including inciting others to violence.

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5 thoughts on “Free Speech Free-for-All”

  1. I do wonder why there aren’t folks — with a bit of resources and a little too much free time — fucking with the Westboro church in return. Gays, anarchists, angry soldiers, etc.

  2. Dmajor – They’re pretty much a hateful sideshow, not converting anybody, just getting publicity and tax-free status for themselves. Real action should be reserved for those with power and influence.

    RDeckard – That was most excellent. Roadside assistance is not a right, but a privilege.

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