Reality Show Pitches

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I don’t watch as much garbage TV as I used to, but I watch enough of The Soup to know what’s going on in Garbageland. If you’re a fan of the recapping reality shows genre, check out David Rees, Paul F. Tompkins, and Tom Scharpling‘s stuff over at NYMag.

Remember when I did a cartoon about baseball last week and hoped the Red Sox were as good as everyone was predicting? Haha. I’m a fuckin’ dummy.

Next Week: Weapons for the War on Drugs

4 thoughts on “Reality Show Pitches”

  1. Here’s a reality show I would watch:

    Neighborhood Secrets

    A bunch of neighbors all agree to be in a reality show, have the cams&mics installed, sign the releases, etc. They think it’s going to be a show about something innocuous, maybe there’s going to be a new school or park built in their area, whatever.

    Actually, the producers start to spread a rumor that one of their neighbors is a sex-offender/child molester. Hijinx ensue as the good neighbors all suspect each other, and neighborhood comity crumbles. The series ends when someone is killed or forced to move out of the area.

    Subsequent seasons could have it be a supposed serial killer, war criminal, illegal alien, etc.

  2. Perhaps a hybrid of Grandmas and Neighborhood Secrets. “Good Morning, my name is Gary Glitter, and I would like to talk to you about the blood sugar diabeetus.”

  3. DMajor – get on a plane and get to Hollywood and pitch that to the networks. I mean right now.

    I wouldn’t watch it, but the idea is absolutely pure gold.

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