Candidate Mitt

I’m not a big fan of 2012 election commentary this early, but Mitt Romney’s a tool. The guy will say and do anything to grub for votes, somehow unaware that there’s tons of video of him saying fairly reasonable things to get elected by the sane residents of Massachusetts (ie: Not Scott Brown’s or Stephen Lynch’s base.).

And since most of New Hampshire’s population lives right on the Massachusetts border, I’m going to be bombarded with ads for this shithead until the primary. I’d rather watch Bob’s Discount Furniture ads on a constant loop.

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  1. Well… the GOP field (hah ha) is already coming together, and Obummer’s just announced for re-election, and the punditocracy is already handicapping the whole goat rodeo, so any ’12 “election” commentary now is right on time.

    Yeah, the GOP hopefuls might be a freak show and, yeah, Mitt Romney is a tool, but once again the Democrats take the prize for smarminess. In fact, the campaign kickoff for Obummer damn’ near broke my Smarmometer™:

  2. Mike, there’s a huge difference between the individual characteristics of one individual and the conditions under which another individual is working. The comic here is showing that Mitt is whoring for votes and in so doing is cheapening himself in order to win. The abortion of a comic that you linked to is baselessly blaming Obama for shit that happened in the world while he was president. I’m not sure if you think that when you become president, you get a huge switchboard with controls that make things happen by magic or something, but I’m pretty sure that Obama did not opt for war, unemployment, depression, and jail abuses. Those were just conditions that happened while he was in office. He’s not personally responsible for all that shit — there’s a whole government that he’s got to work with (fight with) and then theres the whole damn world that does what it pleases even if government doesn’t approve of it.

    Horrible post. Horrible, horrible post.

  3. @Mike

    Honestly, people.

    Can we refer to a figure with whom we disagree without resorting to petty, childish name calling?

    Is this the third grade or are we adults here?

  4. All this bad shit in the world just happened to occur while Obama was president. Obama didn’t order anybody killed by drones, no sir. HE didn’t escalte the war in Afghanistan to the point where we now have MORE troops there than the USSR did at the height of their occupation! HE didn’t bail out the banls and let all the fanincial criminals go free! NO SIR! Just happened to be president during all of that. YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE. FUCK YOU!

    Mike, that is great cartoon and every one who doesn’t like it can suck my ass. How’s that for name calling, Kevin?

  5. Mike – Obama’s reneged on most of his campaign promises, and made a lot of his former supporters, including myself, pissed by governing further to the right than Clinton, but the GOP is still the King of Shit Mountain. Obama’s like, Prince of the slighty shorter Turd Hill or something

    Flerg(s) & Kevin – I’m sure Obama can handle a little name calling. Especially since he sees nothing wrong with keeping Gitmo open, torturing Bradley Manning, ignoring the worst unemployment crisis since the Great Depression, escalating wars, etc… Plus, the guy’s been in office for over 2 years. Blaming Dubya (another derisive name I have no problem with) for Obama’s problems is kind of disingenuous.

    And everybody, please don’t bring the comments down to the level of talk radio callers. You’ll upset the fart jokes.

  6. @Kevin:
    What do you mean, not resort to name calling? I’m a cartoonist, f’cripesake.

    @Flerg Fucknut:
    Wow… uhhh, thanks. That’s one of the most intense positive reviews I’ve gotten in recent memory.

    @Brian McF:
    “Prince Of Turd Hill”? Oh, man. That’s rich. What a concept. Sounds like a great name for a John Cleese sitcom.

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