Super-Mega-Hyperlocal News

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Sorry for the late update. A cold knocked me on my ass this week. I’ll try to whip together a make-up Quickie over the weekend.

If the term’s unfamiliar to you, hyperlocal news is the internet’s attempt to fill the void left by disappearing local newspapers. But the internet pays shit, so it’s mostly one person with a Google Alert for a town or neighborhood and aggregating whatever pops up.

Next Week: Non-Profitables

3 thoughts on “Super-Mega-Hyperlocal News”

  1. “Hyper” … “local”.

    Hyper as in beyond? “Beyond local”? Or hyper as in accelerated? “Faster than local”?

    I’m in a pedantic mood today, I guess. This morning my fiancée and I were discussing false contractions. In the context of infant delivery, I suppose they might be false, but in an absolute sense – nope, each one’s a real contraction.

    This led to a discussion of “organic” foods (as opposed to what…?), how hippie foods have “evaporated cane juice” in them instead of sugar, and a chemistry set that claims to have – I am not making this up – 60 experiments, but no chemicals:

    I suppose any word can now be used to define anything in any way that the speaker sees fit. Which is why I’m free to define this comment as relevant.

  2. Comrade – Thanks!

    Warren – I didn’t come up with the term, but I think it’s correct as in “beyond local news that you get on TV or the few newspapers that still exist.”

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