McFadden Releases Long Form Grocery List

For years, my detractors have been spreading the scurrilous rumor that I subsist solely on coffee, beer, and burritos. I didn’t want to dignify that absurd lie with a response, but my hand has been forced.

I hope this settles the debate so I can move on to the serious business of drawing a fart cloud that has testicles for some reason.

7 thoughts on “McFadden Releases Long Form Grocery List”

  1. How do we know this is not just merely a list of ingredients… FOR A BURRITO?

    I call for Mr. McFadden to not only release any and all recipes in his kitchen, but also detailed photos of the insides of his freezer, refrigerator, and kitchen cabinets.

  2. I call fake.

    We see McFadden’s handwriting on a weekly basis and this sir, aint it.

    This has intern written all over it, literally.

  3. What the heck is Black Rit dye?

    My shopping list at Morrisons yesterday was.

    STEAK (two thick rib eyes)
    Chips (waffle potato chips with a crispy coating) {oh yeah.. you call these french fris don’t you?}
    Bread (actually bought tear and share pizza cheese flat bread, yummy)
    Pepper sauce
    Cake (two strawberry and fresh cream meriangue {sp})
    Cereal (2 big box honey coated flakes and a free bowl!)

    But I also bought:
    a pack of fire ribs for 59p ( i guess the throw them out otherwise)
    5 pies for 80p

    Can you share you burrito recipe? and when do we get to see the farts?

  4. Mr. Swanson:

    Black Rit dye is a type of cheap fabric dye that you use to make your sink really dirty, and also to temporarily stain non-black clothing items slightly less non-black. It is mostly used by people who want black clothes but can’t find any in their own size at the thrift store.

  5. These conspiracy theories have me wondering if I really eat at all, or if I even exist. Maybe I’m a Small-Wonderesque VICKI robot built by George Soros.

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