Unless the trillions of dollars and countless lives this country wasted in its decade-long post-9-11 freak-out were found in bin Laden’s compound, his assassination isn’t much of a victory. Revenge for the victims, sure. But we’re still broke, and full of adult babies who chant “U-S-A! U-S-A!,” blissfully unaware that their country is still crumbling around them.

More than the actual attacks, the celebrations of bin Laden’s death brought me back to the days and months that followed, where jingos waved flags around like a bunch of assholes.

However, I loved Sharktopus, and would gladly like to see Syfy make this movie. If they pay me.

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  1. My ass twitches when I see people hating on people who are proud of their country. Your cynical attitude reminds me of the British euro-garbage that is constantly hating on Americans. Just sayin.

  2. Wasn’t this on the Colbert Report on Monday? Maybe they should give him the money…

  3. what’s the point of being american if we can’t be anti-american? if we can’t do that then osamashark has won…

  4. chokboy,

    I don’t think we need any help being hated around the world. My complaint is not the image, but the mirror rhetoric of anti-American sentiments expressed on this page (directly under the image), often spouted by euro-garbage who love to look down on an entire culture because of foul foreign policy from an out-of-control government.

    I think you take for granted what a flattering political image can do for you as an individual and what an unflattering image can do, as well.

  5. Frost, I think YOU take for granted what a flattering political image can do for you as an individual and what an unflattering image can do, as well, so there. Whatever the fuck that means. I’m not sure if I have ever met any “euro-garbage” but if they think that jumping around waving a flag and yelling “U-S-A” is fucking retarded, then I’m with them.

    If it’s the image that you are worried about, and that is less than clear from your comments, then you SHOULD be worried bout the “U-S-A” chanting morons, because they project a negative image of the U.S.A. An image suggesting that our country is populated by god-damned imbeciles.

  6. Frost,

    I appreciate that unlike that “euro-garbage” you would never seek to denigrate an entire culture, or lump an entire nation (let a lone an entire continent) into a single caricature the basis of which is derived from its fringe elements. Uber-American of you sir.

  7. Totally agree. What a waste. And it’s not like new leaders won’t rise up.

    The most pathetic part about it all is how afraid everyone is. All these people acting so tough and anti-terror and ready to kill: they are all terrified. They are so scared of a culture that’s different than theirs that they act tough and angry and by guns, but the truth is they are all pissing their pants and living a life governed by fear.

    It’s so sad. This country has turned into a pack of cowards, but it collectively thinks that all its blustering and weaponry makes it real, real tough.

  8. As an example of said “euro garbage” (greetings from Vienna, everyone!), let me say: I have met quite a lot of friendly, intelligent, generous, sympathetic, well-read Americans… and then there are these millions and millions who RE-ELECTED George W. Bush and think that it’s a good idea to put Sarah Palin into the White House. What the fuck????????

    Love your work, Brian!

  9. Proud of their country? More like LOUD of their country. Wait, that doesn’t make any sense.

    For the record, poking fun at the mouth-breathers who chant “USA! USA” at every friggin opportunity is a long-standing tradition among people with a morsel of common sense:


  10. This thread is an example of why things like a simple bringing to justice of a terrorist takes ten years.

    People have a million different ways of doing the same thing. That is what makes life interesting. Together with women that is.

    Anyway check out http://baldytrump.blogspot.com/
    for some iconic Osama art work and a irreverent take on the days events.


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