Republican Whisper Campaigns

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Now that the 2012 GOP campaign has kinda-sorta begun, they’ll inevitably be forced to shift from making up shit about Obama and start on each other. It’s unfortunate that the field is so weak and/or crazy. A viable candidate might’ve forced Obama to at least pay lip service to the concerns of the left, but now he can just point at the other guys and say, “Can you believe this shit?”

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3 thoughts on “Republican Whisper Campaigns”

  1. Total coincidence. If I knew about Arseface, I would’ve gone with a more prolapsed rectum look.

    The world’s most comics-ignorant cartoonist.

  2. “Whisper campaign”? Whisper, my ass; loud-assed howling in your face campaign, more like.

    Also, imho, the fact that the GOP field is weak and batshit can only be a Win for cartoonists. The only downside I can see is that the weak and batshit GOP candidates are distracting us from how the Democrats are even weaker and even more amoral — not to mention far less entertaining.

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