Spring Space Savahs

Apparently this person is afraid pollen levels are so high they’ll clog up the dozens of other open spots on this street. I disagree with this behavior in the winter, but in the spring it’s outright sociopathic.

The city of Boston is supposed to pick up this garbage 48 hours after a snowstorm, so maybe they’re just running a little behind. By about 1,656 hours.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to put on my old man pants and shake my fist at some other things that make me angry.

10 thoughts on “Spring Space Savahs”

  1. A cone “reserving” a public, on-street parking spot. Most of the houses around here don’t have driveways and contain at least 2 or 3 apartments, so there’s never a guarantee of getting a spot right in front of your house, but it’s not like it’s NYC. This is just a lazy person who doesn’t want to walk any further than the bare minimum from their front door.

  2. You’re looking at it backwards. Wait until late at night and affix the cone permanently to that location in the street. I suggest foot-long metal spikes, or concrete. Fuck ’em, let ’em try to park on that!

  3. You know how much damage that cone would do to your car if you parked on top of it? none at all. :)

  4. You found one guy doing that? Good God. Come to North Philadelphia. All kinds of people do it. I wish garbage men would take these little markers because it’s not like neighbors can fight it. People willing to do this will also key cars.

    On my block, we just added a handicapped parking spot. I have never seen a car with a disability sticker in the spot. I am convinced that drug dealers got it put in so folks could make easy stops to refill their stash.

  5. Some asshole did this on the street next to mine, so I tossed it into an alley because fuck that guy

  6. If you tried that anywhere in the UK the cone would be stolen in 3 minutes and everyone will point and laugh at you.
    The coirrect behaviour is of course to always park outside the nieghbours house because that Sh@t is always parking in front of mine!

  7. Scott_T – Well, the cones and any space saver also comes with the implied threat of keying or letting air out of tires.

    Eat the Babies! – It’s a relatively new phenomenon in this neighborhood, but has been going on in Southie since before it became a set for shitty movies. Where in N. Philly are you? I’ve enjoyed quite a few beers in Fishtown and Northern Liberties.

    Blake – I’m thinking of lynching that cone. Or waterboarding it and leaking the photos.

    Mike – You also have the added advantage of those zig-zaggy lines on the sides of the roads, which scare cars away, I presume.

    Oh, and DMajor – You are the General Patton of space saving warfare.

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