6 thoughts on “Hawking’s Correction”

  1. The response to his interview pushed all of my atheist buttons, but also my reader comprehension buttons. The “he said life was meaningless” meme was the worst. No, he never said that; in fact, he was saying the opposite, to make the most of the life that you can. So sayeth the guy confined to a wheelchair who talks through a computer, yet who is still a leading light in his field.

    Great toon, btw.

  2. Straight off you can tell that this is bullshit. That guy claims that Almighty God created the banana with a ‘non-slip surface’. I know about a thousand 1950’s era sight gag comedians who would beg to differ.

  3. Don’t many people open bananas from the other end, which is actually the “top” since they grow downward from that end? That is the way monkeys eat them, so I guess Cameron “evolved” to eat it the wrong way?

  4. My bananas never open at once and get all squishy because of that. It must be because I am an atheist and bananas only evolved servicing christians and other apes.

  5. The real miracle is how Kirk can walk around without Jerry Falwell’s mummified cock falling out of his ass.

  6. Kevin – But we atheists are amoral! Punching old ladies because we don’t listen to a stone that was dictated by a bush.

    JM – All those cartoons and slapstick comedians fell down because they sinned. The banana was put there by the devil to trick us, like dinosaur bones.

    Zack – Cameron also evolved from the main Seaver household and into a swinging pad in the garage.

    Jaco – Or you could be being punished for the banana-crimes of your ancestors.

    Punk Rock Grampa – You’ve inspired me to work on a kids’ book called “Falwell’s Desiccated Dink.”

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