Revenge of the Blockbuster

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It’s Memorial Day weekend, it’s in the 80s outside, 90s in my 3rd floor apartment, and that means I’ll probably watch some shitty movie just for the air conditioning. Sitting through random explosions and stilted dialogue is better than digging our air conditioner out from under the pile of winter detritus that accumulated in our storage space.

Sorry I didn’t do a Quickie this week, even though I promised someone on Twitter that I’d do one about Randy “Macho Man” Savage’s death. I’ll try to squeak it out later today before quittin’ time.

Next Week: Undeclared GOP Candidates

5 thoughts on “Revenge of the Blockbuster”

  1. I don’t understand this comic. Not even one little bit. Maybe you SHOULD go get your air conditioner.

  2. Oh, it’s about man’s inhumanity to man. The tapes represent class struggle, and the victims are corn subsidies. The Blockbuster represents natural gass fracking, as evidenced by its placement in a void, AKA mankind’s ennui.

  3. Man’s inhumanity to man? Class struggle? Ennui?

    Hell, Brian, I thought it was just something about a long-dead video rental chain returning as a zombie to torment us with crappy movies in a rapidly-disappearing format, couched in the context of a poster for a really bad horror picture.

    To me, the tapes represent all the hours of footage I taped off of CNN, MSBNC, NBC, and Turner Classic Movies which I keep promising myself I’ll go through and copy the good stuff to DVDs.

    One of these goddamn’ days.

  4. It’s open to interpretation. Yours might be what I was thinking, but for every reader, the meaning is what they make of it, depending on their cognitive ability.

    I’ve also got a pile of VHS tapes at shitty “extended play” quality that I can’t part with, even though everything on them is probably up on YouTube.

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