Undeclared GOP Candidates

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Although I don’t approve, election season has begun. The GOP field is full of hilarious monsters, and after Labor Day, the crazy circus will begin in full.

I promise I have comics in the works about how shitty the Democrats and Obama are, but being funny about a dying economy, endless war, and the normalization of the police state is hard. And I am lazy.

Next Week: The Enlightened Asshole

6 thoughts on “Undeclared GOP Candidates”

  1. But what does it mean?

    Just kiddin’. This is the best comic I’ve read for weeks. But “Rreaganesque potato” seems a little, what, redundant? Like a shitesque turd.

  2. No way! I come from a town where the high school team name is the Spuds (truly: Moorhead, MN). Which might explain my inability to comprehend your strip last week.

    Oh I thought of the one comic I liked in the past few weeks better than this one. It was last Saturday’s Fred Basset where he says, “Keep your pecker up!” to a woodpecker. But yours is the best intentionally funny one. Keep it up!

  3. Where’s the bag of hammers? This clearly does not reflect the latest poll numbers from Quinnipiac.

  4. I think I’ve seen all these candidates before. 2007 or thereabouts, to be exact.

    And +1 for the Atari 2600 joystick.

  5. Befuddled – Sorry that’s the name you’re stuck with here on the comments! The AC is in, by the way, which meant it instantly got nice and cool out.

    Jeb – Was the bag made in Kenya? That might explain it.

    Warren – You’re right, I could rerun this cartoon every 4 years. I have to confess to not owning an Atari myself, but it was the best part of being babysat at my cousins’ house.

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