Convergent Thinking Out of My Ass

So for yesterday’s Sunday Review cartoon, I set my sights on centrist pundits like Tom Friedman and his ilk, using a superhero trope. Unfortunately, it didn’t occur to me that this was painfully similar to Tom Tomorrow’s take on our Centrist-in-Chief, until people mentioned it. It’s even a recurring bit of Tom’s, so the similarity should have been obvious to me from the earliest stages of writing. I guess I was blinded by my excitement at drawing Friedman in his underpants.

My sincere apologies, Mr. Tomorrow!

One thought on “Convergent Thinking Out of My Ass”

  1. Tom Friedman, centrist? Not a chance in Hell. He does a good job of coming off all “moderate” (spit) and shit, but the guy is Unbridled Capitalism all the way.

    His moustache, however, might be centrist, as it’s in the center of his face. In fact, were you to cast Friedman as a satirical superhero. you could have his moustache be his faithful sidekick.

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