6 thoughts on “Courting the Youth Vote”

  1. Thanks Kevin! I think about the Times’ stuff first, but I also have a bulletin board full of half-formed ideas that I’ve been expanding on when the BFW deadline looms.

  2. Let’s see. Youth. Kids. How about bus-style ads on the sides of the big strollers? Or this: talking in a really high irritating squeaky Elmo voice so that children will pay attention to them on TV? Something something stupid haircut something?

    Hey, this is kind of hard! Good job!

  3. Since voting is basically a waste of fucking time, it might as well be a video game.

  4. Punk Rock Gramps – I tend to agree about voting, but a lot can still be done at the local level, if people paid attention to it. And that includes myself. I have no idea what’s going on at the city or state rep. level.

    MadADDer – As long as it’s not designed by Diebold Studios.

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