This Old Republican

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The debt ceiling debate is the stupidest fucking thing since the last stupid fucking thing. A sane person would have never allowed the economy to be held hostage by a bunch of rich jerks. But Obama’s either a chump, or a rich jerk. Either way, he now owns the second recession that will probably become a full-blown depression by next year.

There’s this thing called 9+% unemployment, that’s been hanging around for what, 3 years?  No one’s doing jack shit about it, because, uh, I haven’t figured that out yet.

3 thoughts on “This Old Republican”

  1. Well, Brian, we’re living in a post-democratic plutocracy. The caesar class keeps the populi distracted by bread and circuses, while stuffing away as much lucre as they can before the oppressed realize it and start rebelling. “Job creators” take home billion-dollar bonuses, and cut jobs rather than creating them, but hey, let’s not actually tax them or anything because they EARNED that money.

    Meanwhile, teabaggers, Libertarians, and other patsies for the insanely wealthy continue to shrill and bleat for fewer taxes and regulations, apparently incapable of understanding that the last time such a system was fully executed, it worked fine – for the people living in the castles. No one knows what the peasants thought, because no one had to give a shit about them.

    Distractions are why we’ve got 9+% unemployment. Distractions are why we’ve broken our nation’s economic back in decade-long elective wars overseas. Distractions that misdirect the electorate to fighting over petty, useless things, while the oligarchs suck the last of the wealth and value right out of the nation.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go. There’s a sale at Penney’s on men’s underwear.

  2. Kevin – You summed it up in a buttshell.

    Warren – You summed it up in a absolutely-right-shell.

    I’ve been thinking a lot about the post-democratic plutocracy lately, and that’s why the latest Sunday Review comic tried to take a stab at it in a funny way.

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