Unlikely Moments in Beervertising

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Since football season started, I’ve been seeing tons of stupid and misogynistic beer commercials. I know the craft beers I love don’t have the budget to advertise on TV, and their demographic watches plenty of other stuff in cheaper ad slots, but these commercials are painting an ugly stereotype of my fellow enlightened beer-drinking Americans.

And speaking of misogynistic beer, Kevin Moore brought this patronizing monstrosity to my attention.

5 thoughts on “Unlikely Moments in Beervertising”

  1. I don’t know if you read Maakies, but Tony Millionaire also had a beer cartoon this week. With the exact opposite message, specifically that microbrews taste like farm refuse and that Budweiser is King. He did not address the topic of advertising, though. Personally, I like beer. I don’t like TV.

  2. Your twins panel only scratches the surface of how creepy it would be for two sisters to imply forming a threesome with anybody. Especially if they insist on calling you “Daddy.”

  3. Mr. Moore, if only you knew how to recognize a silhouette of the state of West Virginia, then you would know that a twins-threesome with “Daddy”-calling is not creepy at all.

  4. Grampa – Once in a while I’ll go on a Maakies binge, but I but I don’t keep up regularly, but I’m not surprised Tony (or his persona) has that opinion. Not liking TV is like saying you don’t like movies or food. There are far too many varieties out there.

    Kevin – Not as creepy as a conjoined twins threesome, or foursome, which have happened.

    Batt – Are you aware that I am not Matt? Or are you Matt, not wanting your opinions on TWINS! to be found by Googling your own name?

  5. Well, I have enjoyed many TV shows in my life. I’m not saying that there are no good shows. I’m just, in a very simplisitic, snap-judgment, internet-commenty way, saying that the good parts are outweighed by the bad parts. That’s all. Just a little utilitarianism in action, right here on your blog.

    Also, you can’t survive without food. So that’s not an apt comparison. Surviving without TV is pretty good, even though I know I miss some good shows. But now I’m starting to sound like a fucking vegan.

    And finally, in a completely non-ironic way, I appreciate how you make an effort to personally respond to comments here. Thanks!

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