Republican Presidential Debate-athon

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I subjected myself to last Tuesday’s debate, and thankfully came up with a cartoon idea for my troubles. It’s simultaneously hilarious and horrifying that Herman Cain is considered a serious front-runner. Whenever he speaks, he sounds like that kid in class who didn’t do the reading but was very good at bullshitting his way to a C+. (I don’t have facts to back that up.)

The song Romney’s singing is a parody of The Modern Lovers’ Roadrunner. Only Jonathan Richman can make me feel sentimental for Boston’s Route 128, and driving on that nasty ol’ clusterfuck of a beltway.

And due to the Occupy Boston events going on in Dewey Square, Richman should put out an updated version Lonely Financial Zone.

2 thoughts on “Republican Presidential Debate-athon”

  1. Thank you for answering the question nagging my brain, i.e, why that Romney song seemed so familiar. My favorite song off that album is “I’m Straight” — Jonathan Richmond’s declaration of sobriety, not of sexuality, made when being “straight” meant you didn’t do drugs. Of course, I was pretty stoned when I enjoyed the song, so I guess my appreciation was a little ironic.

  2. I thought I might be the only person reading the NYT who got the Modern Lovers reference; I’m glad I’m not. FWIW, I was very pleased, after moving east from Chicago, to finally buy my groceries at Stop and Shop.

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