Increasing Occupy’s Appeal

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This strip was inspired by a trip to a local dive bar where a chatty and inebriated construction worker was slagging Occupy Boston. Although he agreed with their grievances, he suggested they change things from the inside, by becoming CEOs, rather than making a mess of the city and traffic. His perception of the movement as a bunch of college-educated do-nothings is held by a lot of working class people, despite union support. I’m a fancy-pants elitist, so solutions to this inclusion problem aren’t exactly my strong suit.

One thought on “Increasing Occupy’s Appeal”

  1. Leave it to Studs to find the needle in the haystack-
    I happen to be a college-educated construction worker and there are far too many red-neck attitudes in the trades. I used to think that you could change things from within, but once you get inside the chances of it changing you are far greater, keep going occupiers!

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