Grocery Prototypes

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Some  jokes about food, drink, and doo-doo water. A tenuous link to the news can be made with this one because of the Oklahoma state senator who wants to ban human fetuses in food, which kinda-sorta applies to my stem-cell Taco Bell gag, but I drew this before that happened. I just wanted to make a juvenile damaged sphincter joke, but some jagoff made it timely.

But yeah, don’t eat fetuses.

4 thoughts on “Grocery Prototypes”

  1. This is one for the ages. Holy fuck. It’s my favorite.

    But as my dad used to say, “The unborn, that’s when they’re TENDER.”

  2. The frozen dinner looks like a sad face.

    On another note, I guess I won’t have to read the label on my Soylent Cereal so closely any more, so there’s that.

  3. @PRG – It’s up to individual taste; personally, I like a little “crawling gaminess” in my hu-meat.

    @Warren – A plastic happy face in frozen dinners would likely triple our national suicide rate.

    Lastly, @HFL, I drew this thinking I’d get a haircut last weekend, but ended up watching Football, Downton Abbey, and Sherlock instead. So unfortunately, I’m still a mess. Maybe I’ll take care of it this weekend.

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