Theocalypse Now

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We’re in what seems like the millionth month of this culture war bullshit. And that’s all it is. No one under 40 is debating the merits of birth control. The olds are having this debate because they don’t like the idea of relatively young folks doin’ it with (safe, and relatively consequence-free) abandon.  Maybe, and only maybe, a few dum-dums are arguing about abortifacients and abortion, and conflating them with contraception. But I don’t spend my time trying to figure out what’s going on in the minds of idiots.

Sorry there was no BFW last week. I sprained my ankle and had to spend a day figuring out my insurance stuff. I also couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see Louis CK and Jim Gaffigan for the first time live, so my week was cut short.

Campaign Comeback Advice for Mitt Romney

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Mitt’s such a tool, even the GOP base recognizes it and is having a severely difficult time accepting him as their party’s nominee. Of course, as a sensible human being, a tool like Romney is WAY more preferable than Gingrich or Santorum, but they’re all competing for the votes of ignorant, hateful assholes, so sensibility doesn’t factor in at all.

Besides his soulless, unrelatable rich-douche persona, the worst thing about the Romney campaign is that they have to run away from Massachusetts and its extremely popular health care reform because it’s essentially the same thing as President Obama’s. As a freelancer, I couldn’t afford health insurance until Romney’s reforms created a public option for low-income Massachusites (No one says ‘Bay Staters,’ and Massholes imply we’re all an SNL sketch.), so I’m a fan. Anyone who’s against it or ObamaCare either works for the health industry or is a raging moron.

On a lighter note, the sweater tube top in this cartoon is part of my lifelong fascination with tube tops as a thing people actually wore/wear. Even as a towheaded toddler in the early eighties, I knew they were wrong. Here’s a cartoon I did for my high school yearbook, followed by the Bert Fershners comedy sketch that inspired it.

An ALF reference! And my handwriting! I was the coolest.

Thank you, mid ’90’s Comedy Central.

I urge everyone who owns a copy of the Brockton High School 1997 Yearbook to hang onto that shit and write letters to editors who help keep me employed, thereby increasing the value of your yearbook when your kids auction it off on eBay after you die.

Contraception Objections

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I can’t believe this contraception nonsense lasted for another week. The GOP is seriously alienating women and dudes who like sex more than babies, so that pretty much covers anyone whose parts haven’t atrophied with age.

And a couple hours before I posted this, Oklahoma marched closer towards becoming first in the nation to recognize zygote-personhood. This is even more ridiculous than embryonic personhood because a zygote is just a fertilized egg. An embryo requires at least that single-celled byproduct of fucking to divide on its own.

Hopefully the news cycle shifts from contraception soon, because I’m getting tired of commenting on this shit. It’s not the fifties, you know.

Religious Exemptions for Piety & Profit*

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Even though the contraception mandate has been established and validated in the courts for years, a bunch of loud-mouthed bishops bitched about it, and the bored news media decided to run with the wedge issue football all last week. And naturally Obama caved, offering up some cockamamie compromise where the insurance companies cover the contraception obligations instead of the religious employers. If we had single-payer healthcare, instead of the byzantine employer-funded health insurance system we’re stuck with, this wouldn’t even be an issue, and everyone would be happy.*

The point’s been made everywhere, but in case you missed it, when churches function as employers to the general public, not just those of their faith, they should abide by the same obligations as any employer. I say “should” because last month the Supreme Court blasted a unanimous loophole through employee rights with the ministerial exception.

*Not literally. Insurance industry toadies, and the perpetually miserable would still be sad.

BFW on Daily Kos!

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I neglected to mention this last week on account of the usual deadline craziness, but my comics have been added to the already stellar comics lineup on Daily Kos. Huge thanks to Tom Tomorrow and Markos for bucking publishing trends and expanding their comics section. It’s kind of surreal to be appearing in the same digital space as the cartoonists I’d read on Salon while procrastinating in my college computer lab, long before I thought about starting my own comic strip.

I’ll be posting either BFW or The Strip over there, every Wednesday night (Eastern Time). And when it’s a BFW cartoon, it’ll be before it appears here on Friday. But check back this Friday for a printer-friendly version of this comic.