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I neglected to mention this last week on account of the usual deadline craziness, but my comics have been added to the already stellar comics lineup on Daily Kos. Huge thanks to Tom Tomorrow and Markos for bucking publishing trends and expanding their comics section. It’s kind of surreal to be appearing in the same digital space as the cartoonists I’d read on Salon while procrastinating in my college computer lab, long before I thought about starting my own comic strip.

I’ll be posting either BFW or The Strip over there, every Wednesday night (Eastern Time). And when it’s a BFW cartoon, it’ll be before it appears here on Friday. But check back this Friday for a printer-friendly version of this comic.

3 thoughts on “BFW on Daily Kos!”

  1. You know, if you hadn’t made it onto the Daily Kos comics page, I never would have known how misogynist your comics are! Congratulations!

  2. Hey, double post! That means you have to take a shot!

    Anyway, I wonder which panel bothered the D.K. commenter who complained about misogyny? Was it the one about nagging? I bet it was the one about nagging.

  3. Yeah, against my better judgement, I read the comments. I think it’s based on the assumption that all these cards are sincere and not mocking the super-saccharine real Valentine market, and only intended to be given out to women. And maybe that commenter got so mad they didn’t get to the last panel where I basically call myself a fucked-up shithead.

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