Personal Poverty Trainer

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This cartoon is my response to this whiny article from a couple weeks ago. Primary stuff and Snowe’s resignation kept me from doing a comic on it at the time, but the main guy from the article, Andrew Schiff, appeared on All Things Considered last week, and annoyed me so much that I had to come back to it.

The election circus, and slightly less-than-shitty jobs numbers have kept income inequality out of the news, especially with the dispersal of Occupy Wall Street, but it should always be front-and-center. If people don’t earn enough, they can’t buy shit, which is a huge hindrance to economic growth. Way more than some douche not being able to rent a beach house in Connecticut.


6 thoughts on “Personal Poverty Trainer”

  1. Kind of wish I hadn’t read this Andrew Schiff stuff. Seriously? I hope to have his problems someday! I’m still paying off student loans almost 6 years after graduating. My boyfriend says I hate rich people too much, but I think I hate them just enough.

  2. He’s incredibly clueless. I almost crushed my stylus while listening to his entitled bitchin’ and moanin’.

    I think I’ll be a good dozen years out before my student loans are done.

    It’s better to hate the rich than any other group. Even the ones who don’t deserve the hate can afford to console their hurt feelings with a nice, warm, money-bath.

  3. I don’t know about your other loyal readers, but for me the strip does not appear. I can reach the NYT page okay, but the frame remains black. Ditto for older strips I’ve already viewed. Ditto in different browsers and on three different OSes.

  4. Have you tried refreshing? They had problems with the slideshows last week that seem to be resolved at least on my end. But if you’ve got the time, let them know through one of their contact forms. I am many layers removed from the tech side of things.

  5. Had the same issue across multiple computers and both chrome and explorer. Even tried clearing history and refreshing to no avail. Holding ctrl while clicking the link or refreshing did the trick.

  6. black screen here, too.

    But people(!) don’t hate any people! Rich or otherwise – they are people, too. Yes, clueless people, but this hatred only fuels a hate arms race and ends in a Limbaugh Holocaust. Think of those folks that have to live within the sound of the actual voice, and can’t just switch him off {shudder}. Stand up! Speak out (improve your argument)! Go vote!

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