Tax Credits for the 99 Percent

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As a single, self-employed, childless person who rents, I don’t get any tax credits or incentives come tax time. That’s bullshit. I’m poor too, you know.

Adding credits and deductions to the tax code doesn’t really address the underlying causes of income inequality, the largest of which is that wages are too damn low. Another one is that banks get to borrow money from the Fed at a rate that’s essentially zero, while charging us insane interest rates, making profits from nothing. But it keeps inflation down, which keeps our debts up, so it’s cool!

One thought on “Tax Credits for the 99 Percent”

  1. BOZAT…. you honestly think that billionaires sell all their stock in the same calendar year? You are misguided. If you want it to be 5 million, fine, but please read the above article more carefully and you’ll see that the word “billionaires” was used. Also, that has absolutely nothing to do with the laffer curve, no one is just that stupid or wealthy.As far as the rest of your comments, well, where to begin? Look at el presidente’s defense “cuts”…. nothing more than slowing the growth rate. There’s a lot of cutting to do, but neither side seems willing to do it. I’ve posted here many times calling for them. Even obama doesn’t want to do away with all the bush tax cuts….. its called pandering to your base. There is no seriousness in his proposals, just more of the same old bs, just like the article above.And when did welfare subsidize computers and internet access? Welcome to the internet!

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