Marriage Equality Horror Stories

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In addition to Obama’s (belated) endorsement, same-sex marriage turns eight in Massachusetts this week. And as far as I know, straight marriages and the world haven’t ended in my fair commonwealth as a result. Sure, North Carolina’s  a setback, but did we really think parts of the South are just eight years behind us northern coastal elitists?

2 thoughts on “Marriage Equality Horror Stories”

  1. Endorsement? You call that day-late, dollar-short, mealy-mouthing, eyeing-all-possible-exits mumbling an endorsement? Hell, man, Obummer had to be dragged kicking and screaming into issuing that “endorsement”. The whole thing had an “oh, alright, already” tone to it, like Obummer copped a peek at his “to do” list and realized oh, shit, I still need to pander to the GLBTWhater Community™ don’t I? and tossed that measly little scrap out. What’s worse is that the GLBTWhatever Community™ reacted as if they’d just heard the “I Have A Dream” Speech.

    Thanks, GLBTWhatever America, for barging in at the head of the line and using your piss-ant culture-war bullshit to divert our attention from being unemployed and about to lose our homes for, like, five minutes.

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